Special Sponsorship Opportunity

Be a part of the winning experience and sponsor a race by having your logo or business name printed on a cooler. You can present the cooler or we can have someone do it on your behalf. Must have sponsorship form 3 weeks before the date of the race you are interested in sponsoring. See our race schedule for race dates. 

For more information, contact Michelle Miller at mnmiller84@gmail.com
or (607) 643-8047. 
Price: $300 
$100 discount if you take advantage of our $500 group sponsorship opportunity. 

Benefits of RUS

* Women and men from all different equestrian disciplines have the opportunity to participate. 

*  Helps attract some fresh fans to the sport of Harness Racing.

* It could help broaden awareness of the Standardbred across other disciplines. We believe this will also help give Standardbreds a step in the right direction towards a second career.  By being broke to saddle, it may be easier to place them in pleasure horse homes when they are finished their careers. 

* Provides horses  that may not make enough or fit classes at the tracks with another use for owners. We also allow retired horses to race at fairs. 

RUS is just one more way to promote and enhance New York’s already-stellar Standardbred breeding and racing programs.


Becoming A Sponsor 

RUS NY was created to help organize and promote under saddle races for Standardbreds across the state of New York including fairs. Our group promotes the Standardbred breed as a riding and sport horse, beyond just the sport of racing.

You have the opportunity to become a sponsor for the 2019 race season. Instead of separating our sponsors by each race or series, we are maximizing exposure by including all sponsors in all forms of promotion that we do for the season. The earlier you get on board, the more exposure you will receive. And boy do you get a lot for your buck!

What you get for your buck:

For as little as $100 you will be provided advertisement on our website. 

For just $200 or more you will get mention in all promotions such as race programs. For example each fair distributed about 200 programs per race and you can have your info in them all plus other promotions we do. 

For $500 or more you will be provided everything above as well as a feature spot on our homepage.
(we will link our website promotions to your website or Facebook page if provided)

If interested in sponsoring a specific race and being named on a cooler or having something special done, arrangements can be made.  The goal is to have a sponsor for each race where the sponsor will be given the opportunity to be a part of the action by providing them with the chance to do a winner circle presentation. 

We realize that it is not always feasible to donate money and welcome product donations that can be used for prizes or for fundraising purposes. 

You can download and print an official sponsor form via our link below or request one be sent to you. Note: you will not have a  signature on the last line as you are requesting it online not from a specific rider. 

Please feel free to contact us  with any questions and to discuss what we can do for you. We are willing to promote events, sales and other happenings and news for our sponsors. The goal is to reach as many people as we can. 

Contact us below with any questions. Checks should be made out to RUS New York and sent to 725 County Highway 45 Milford NY, 13807.

"Promoting Racing Under Saddle and the versatility of the Standardbred breed."